Emerald Destinations

Emeralds can evoke the sharp crispness of evergreens, the velvety softness of moss or the dark glassiness of forest pools. It’s no wonder that many geographical locations are called Emerald this or Emerald that. It’s also no coincidence that emerald is the designated birthstone for May, just when the Great Outdoors is really greening-up. Though many of us are making do with our neighborhood parks at the moment, we can still dream about the golf greens, backcountry trails, and favorite vacation destinations that we wish we could visit now. In the meantime, we’re pairing some of our newest emerald designs with a handful of famous places named for emeralds to fuel your wanderlust.
  The Emerald Necklace – the chain of parks linked by parkways and waterways designed by Frederick Olmstead is the pride and joy of Boston, MA.
  The Emerald City – surrounded by the lush green forests of Washington, Seattle acquired this nickname in the mid-1980s.
  The Emerald Pools – with their waterfalls and hanging gardens, these linked pools in Zion National Park, UT is one of the park’s most popular trails.
  Emerald Lake – a true jewel in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, it’s only one of the places called emerald in the park – there’s also an Emerald Mountain that overlooks the city of Steamboat Springs.
  The Emerald Isle – That would be Ireland of course, with its Forty Shades of Green.  The country was first referred to as the Emerald Isle in a 1795 poem penned by the Belfast-born William Brennan.
If you are not the outdoors type, there’s always the fictional Emerald City of Oz – either way, we hope you feel inspired by this emerald travel guide – and happy birthday to all the May Babies!
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